Alzheimer’s disease

Clinical trial of a new compound that has been developed for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease

The drug under investigation is a substance developed for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. The primary research questions concern whether the drug can be administered safely and whether it is tolerable. In addition, it will be examined how quickly the drug is absorbed by the body and how quickly it is excreted again. A small amount of cerebrospinal fluid will also be taken from a few subjects at a few time points via a thin tube (catheter) in the space next to the spinal cord (intrathecal space), in order to gain more insight into how the drug works.
A C-arm will be used, an X-ray machine shaped like a C. By briefly screening the subject with radiation during the placement of the catheter, so that the body area is visualized via a monitor, the physician can see if the catheter is seated properly. The catheter can then be left in the back for a longer period of time (~36 hours), so that there is no need for repeated injections. In the CRU Groningen we have a room that has been specially equipped to be able to carry out these types of operations. For example, there is lead in the walls and there is a scrub room. This makes the CRU Groningen very suitable for this study.