First studies in Clinical Research Unit Groningen

On March 29, the UMCG, ICON and Triade opened the newly built Clinical Research Unit Groningen. The Clinical Research Unit (CRU Groningen) is a unique collaboration between the three parties to accelerate the development of new medicine and treatment methods. The expertise and infrastructure of a university medical center and a worldwide clinical research organization come together at the CRU Groningen.
At the CRU Groningen, research is conducted in a turnkey, highly (GCP) qualified clinical research environment. This is in line with the very high quality requirements of the renowned clinical research organization ICON, as well as with the academic task of the UMCG, where patients with complex disorders are treated. It is a beautiful and safe environment to develop new diagnostics and treatments in interest of the patient. Patients with various medical conditions who have to stay at the UMCG can contribute to the progress of medicine research on a voluntary basis. In addition, the CRU Groningen is used to conduct clinical research in healthy volunteers.

Impulse for drug research

According to Marian Joëls of the Executive Board of the UMCG, drug research in Groningen is getting a new impulse with the start of the CRU Groningen. “By starting research with patients at an early stage, medicines can be tested for their effect at an early stage and in a very safe manner. This allows them to be developed more quickly. The aim of this is to be able to make new medicines available to patients earlier and thus improve patients’ health.”

First studies starting soon

The first studies in the CRU Groningen have already been scheduled and concern research in new treatment against Alzheimer’s disease, a heart defect and an autoimmune disease. These studies will start in 2022. Due to its location and design, the CRU Groningen is very suitable for carrying out these studies.
The unit hasfour bedrooms with a total of thirteen beds. Among otherthings, the facility offers a stateof-the-art treatment room with a sheet of 2 mm thick lead incorporated within the walls, so that X-ray machines can be used. This provides the opportunity to perform invasive, sterile treatments in which extensive patient monitoring or screening is required. In addition to the treatment room, there are two consultation roomsfor outpatient visits, a recreation room and variousresearch facilities. The unit is located on the Healthy Aging Campus, in the middle of the UMCG site. The unit is connected to the intensive care unit of the UMCG.